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Beh Kwang Chee Enterprise Sdn Bhd (BKC)'s premix apricot kernels (almond) beverages and coffee. Main products include premix apricot kernels (almond) powder, almond coffee, premix apricot kernels powder with oats (almond oatmeal), nanyang white coffee 2-in-1, kung full drip coffee, golden cutie lemon candy and cobby coffee candy.
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Beh Kwang Chee Enterprise Sdn Bhd (BKC) was established in 1950 by Mr Beh Yew Jin, a chinese herbalist from Guang Dong Province who migrated to Malaysia in 1936. From a small shop house in rural Sungai Petani in 1948, the company grew to become the leading producer of almond powder in Malaysia with a 1,300 hectare manufacturing facility. Since 1973, the company has diversified into manufacturing of various cordials under a separate entity, Sunfresh (M) Sdn Bhd. It has also expanded its manufacturing portfolio to include various cooking sauces and confectionary.


Currently, the company is manufacturing coffee products which use quality coffee beans from Brazil, Honduras and Golden Mandheling. Having a solid track record of manufacturing experience in the F&B industry in the Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand markets, BKC is confident to set its foot into the Singapore market.

Quarter SG is a wholesaler and distributor of coffee and almond products in Singapore.


The company prides itself on innovative methods to carefully handpick its products that specifically cater to the local needs. Quarter SG became the sole distributor of BKC’s coffee products with its belief that they are able to increase quality and convenience as well as to bring out traditions in coffee drinking among Singaporeans.

To serve our customers better, Quarter SG places great emphasis on the following areas:

(a) freshness and quality

(b) innovative marketing strategies

(c) efficiency

(d) on-time and free delivery services

(e) after-sales-support.


At Quarter SG, we work closely with our partners to refine processes and develop new blends so that we can better offer you a wider range of products. We strive to deliver premium yet value-for-money products at the convenience of your homes and offices.