BKC Kopi Singapore | BKC Premix Apricot Kernels 杏仁 (Almond Beverage) Series
Beh Kwang Chee Enterprise Sdn Bhd (BKC)'s premix apricot kernels (almond) beverages and coffee. Main products include premix apricot kernels (almond) powder, almond coffee, premix apricot kernels powder with oats (almond oatmeal), nanyang white coffee 2-in-1, kung full drip coffee, golden cutie lemon candy and cobby coffee candy.
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BKC Premix Apricot Kernels 杏仁 (Almond Beverage) Series

Enjoy Premium Premix Apricot Kernels (Almond) Beverages with us NOW!!!



Premix Apricot Kernels beverages (formerly known as Almond Beverages) are great breakfast drink alternatives to tea and coffee, and keep you refreshed and healthy. Those who are caffeine-intolerant and are looking for beverages with little or no caffeine should consider BKC Premix Apricot Kernels (Almond) Beverages. These products are chock-full of health benefits and can be taken at breakfast and other times of the day.


Different Flavours

To cater to different tastes, BKC Premix Apricot Kernels (Almond) Beverages come in various flavours.


Almond Beverage Original (now known as Premix Apricot Kernels Beverage Original) comes in a box of sachets, as well as in a can in powder form. Those who do not fancy sweet drinks can consider the Almond Beverage Less Sweet (now known as Premix Apricot Kernels Powder Less Sweet) with a hint of oats. Coffee-lovers can try the Almond Coffee (with caffeine) (now known as Premix Apricot Kernels Powder with Coffee), which provides the goodness of coffee and apricot kernels in one cup.