BKC Kopi Singapore | BKC Nanyang White Coffee 2-in-1 (“Cappuccino”)
Beh Kwang Chee Enterprise Sdn Bhd (BKC)'s premix apricot kernels (almond) beverages and coffee. Main products include premix apricot kernels (almond) powder, almond coffee, premix apricot kernels powder with oats (almond oatmeal), nanyang white coffee 2-in-1, kung full drip coffee, golden cutie lemon candy and cobby coffee candy.
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BKC Nanyang White Coffee 2-in-1 (“Cappuccino”)

No Sugar Added Premium White Coffee


Following the early days of coffee-making traditions and roasting techniques, and together with premium quality ingredients, BKC’s Nanyang White Coffee (Formerly known as “BKC Cappuccino”) has successfully managed to bring out such an authentic rich and creamy taste.


BKC (馬廣済) 南洋白咖啡 2合1



早期的传统咖啡与及烘焙技术, 并连同优质食材 , BKC(馬廣済) 南洋白咖啡 (原名 “BKC Cappuccino”) 已成功地烘焙出这样一个囗感滑腻的咖啡。